Friday, January 09, 2009

You have to love friends

Tonight I got to go out with the girls. First, I went to dinner with my friend Jessica and then we met up with the other girls at the coffee shop for a night of chit-chat and knitting. I had a yummy iced rootbeer cream drink and got a bit accomplished on my projects. But the best part was the company of friends.
Being home all day you tend to forget how nice it is to get a way and have a few moments to yourself. I needed it.
I ordered some yarn I needed tonight to make one of my friends baby shower gifts. I am so excited to get started on it, but you all will have to wait until after her shower to see it!
I have a few projects on the needles. A felted basket and a pinwheel blanket. I am also getting ready to cast on a baby sweater-as soon as the yarn is dry as I dyed it today!

So much peace in my heart tonight. Knitting, good friends. there isn't anything like it.

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erika~ the inspired mama said...

woo hoo for knit night!! i think it totally makes me a better mommy and partner to tony to get out of the house once a week ;)