Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sometimes the week just flies

And then I realize I have not posted at all and I am just surprised!

The weather has been off and on the last week and the days that were good were spent with the first playtimes outside! We had one day where all 7 of the kids and I were outside in the front. The oldest kids were playing football, I was knitting and the little girls were playing soccer in the yard. Harrison of course was just running around chasing everyone. First he kept kidnapping my gnome out of the front of our house--or was it JO's gnome? Did we sneak to her house without her knowing? She did cause quite the troubles in gnome land 4 years ago

and then the neighbor down the road started to wash his car. what is so important about that you might ask?
well, the water started running down the curb in front of our house...and that was an invitation for Harrison's first water play of the year! He had a great time stand in the water and stomping as fast and hard as he could to splash himself. he was soaking wet! But he had so much fun.

I've been doing some knitting...of course! LOL Here is a little sweater I just finished. I haven't blocked it yet, but it was so cute I had to share!

Saturday, my local cloth diapering parenting group got together and we had a big easter party at my friend ERIKA's house. There were so many kids there! Of course, once we show up and add our 7 that makes a huge gathering right there! LOL but the kids had a blast! I got to check out her SPINNING WHEEL. It was beautiful and I was drooling! LOL I am really wanting to start dyeing fiber to spin and selling it in our store too. Of course, I want to also spin it. handspun yarn is just beautiful and such an art!

I am almost done with my art history class. Our instructor opened all the assignments so that we could work ahead and I only 2 more websites to review and write papers on! Then I will have a break from that one! I have really enjoyed it. My semester has been so much smoother without taking 13 credits! I have just enough time for school, kids, home and ME time too!

I am busy typing up our meal plan for the week. In the weeks since I did it last and posted here to the blog, I have lost it every single week. yup-i need to keep putting it out here so I can find it! LOL
Look for it tomorrow!
and Happy Easter everyone!


Jo said...

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO I had forgotten all about this! How funny and the comments from your 2005 post had me laughing so hard I had tears. :D

Your little gnome 'napper is too cute!!

Aubrey said...

it was good seeing you saturday! i'm so glad you've found that coveted work/school/family/self balance. i'm still kind of bouncing around, trying to find it.