Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Henry Granju

Henry Granju, son of popular AP blogger Katie Granju, died yesterday from results of a serious attack and drug use that happened April 26th, 2010.

It seems unreal that a person so young could die so brutally.

According to the Sheriff’s Office incident report, as well as a family member’s account, Granju was beaten with a tire iron and robbed by three assailants during an attempted drug buy in the parking lot of the Bi-lo market, 2230 W. Governor John Sevier Highway on April 26.

The attack left the victim bleeding from his ears, with a broken jaw, broken ribs and brain injury, said Robert Allison, Henry Granju’s uncle.

Allison claims that Granju’s injuries were only complicated by a dose of methadone he was given later the same night by acquaintances, who failed to call E-911 on his behalf until the next morning.

My heart breaks for Katie. In the days following her sons attack, she went public on her blog about his drug usage and injuries-and was verbally attacked for doing so! I cannot even begin to understand what is wrong with people that they would HURT another person so badly-especially when that person is already fearing for their child's life and hoping and praying that he makes it through to the next day. It is disgusting. It was unnecessary. If you don't agree with what she did, that is fine and certainly your prerogative-you have the right to NOT READ IT. It is really that simple.

Behind these blogs, behind these words-sitting at these computers are REAL PEOPLE. Real people who feel the emotion. A real person who just lost her son.

People can sit on their high horse and pass judgment and think it will never happen to them because they are a better parent or whatever stupid reason they try to convince themselves with-but you know-it CAN happen to anyone. No matter what we teach our children or how we raise them, there comes a point where they can all make their own choices. Yes, he made that first choice to use drugs-but Henry struggled with a serious disease that he was sadly never able to overcome-addiction. And an addict is still worthy of our love, compassion and help.

I pray that Henry is at peace now. I pray for his family and especially his mother, Katie-a month away from bringing a new child into this world, and now having to deal with having her oldest son so cruelly taken away from her.

Katie, I am so very very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. You are in my thoughts.

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