Thursday, June 03, 2010

More on Henry Granju

Everyday I have thought of Katie and her loss. I look at his picture and the tears well up in my eyes. I am a mother. I have a 14 year old son-the same age as Henry when his battle with addiction began. I cannot imagine going through this and doing it with the grace that Katie has done. Her pain is severe-and yet she wants to educate people on drug addiction so that maybe it will help one family to NOT have to go through the loss of their child.

She has asked repeatedly for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding her sons attack that led to his death. I get the feeling that she is being stonewalled by the police-and the media storm surrounding her public blogging about the problems are very critical.

Her son was attacked. Brutally beat with a tire iron to such an extent that he had a severe traumatic brain injury and never spoke more than 2 words again during the 30+ days he was in the hospital.
The people surrounding him did NOT call 911. They continued to help ingest drugs while he lay and began to aspirate on his own vomit.
Reports say:
Partial UT Medical Center records provided by the family state Henry's injuries included, "Trauma. Right skull base fracture."

We're pretty confident that he did take some drugs later that night. But he definitely suffered some blunt force brain trauma as well as compressions to his chest based on someone was stomping on his chest over and over again,says Henry's uncle, Robert Allison

The neurologist who treated him felt very confident that a large portion of the brain injury that ultimately led to his death was caused by the beating

yet the Knox County Sheriff's office says "The preliminary investigation shows no evidence that his (Henry's) death was the result of a homicide or from the injuries he may have received from an assault. An autopsy was conducted on Tuesday and the results are pending."

How can they be so indifferent? How can those conclusions be made? Yes, the drugs certainly played a part in his death-but how could his beating not? I really hope that the Knox County Sheriff's office does some more digging and does not allow a bias to get in the way because Henry was a drug user.

Justice for everyone. Justice for Henry.

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