Thursday, August 26, 2010

School is starting everywhereI

My classes started again on Monday. I was NOT ready for the summer break to end. That means I have to get my mind back into think mode again!

I registered the kids for their new schools here in Meridian. Conner is a freshman this year. Among the normal english and some weird history they do here he is taking Geometry, French, Debate and a few other courses. He is most excited to be able to take Psychology and Sociology his junior and senior years. He decided against football this year so that he will have time to do driver's ed after he finishes up his Eagle Scout project (all but done! just have to submit some final papers!) He also is planning on rugby later on in the year.

Kaitlyn is still homeschooling. Noah is the middle school. His registration took the longest as we had to have a sit down with the school nurse and go over his bee sting allergy. We had to make an emergency plan in case he gets stung. The school will have one of his epi-pen's in the office so that they can administer it to him if needed. That takes a load off my mind as I don't have to worry about Noah doing it himself.

The 3 little girls are at the same elementary school and it looks great! Bella is so excited about going to school all day now. It isn't very far from our house either so they can walk.

Between the new house, unpacking, the yarn business and life-I have been extremely busy! We had our first council meeting for Jobies last night and will have our first meeting next Wednesday. We found out that Hannah gets to put her papers in in October and she is just thrilled.

I haven't had much time for knitting lately. Too much with the move and settling in. Our new house has a lot of fruit trees and we will have a huge garden area next year. I am so excited.

A few pictures till next time.


TopazGirl said...

WOW, Harrison is getting so big! I love his sweater, what pattern is that?

Jessica said...

Jessica, that is the new Caelum pattern that was just released! it is a great can get the link on my ravelry page!