Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It's been a long time!

Holy cow I haven't blogged here forever!  A lot has happened to our family over the last few months and all I can say is we are stronger now than we have ever been!  I am so grateful for my husband and children and the closeness that we share.

So glad about the elections last night.  I don't tend to talk politics with people, and I especially do not do so on my facebook page, but I did post this the other night which I felt was very important....
I am voting for Obama. I believe in WOMEN. I believe women should be able to CHOOSE to have an abortion if they want (even if I personally don’t agree with abortion-we cannot take away CHOICE). I believe women should be able to CHOOSE to get on birth control and have it covered by their insurance like every other medication out there. I believe that Planned Parenthood provides vital medical attention that women need (not only birth control, but testing for STD and access to mammograms) I believe women should be paid EQUALLY to men in the same job…not .72 cents for every $1 that men make. I believe gay people should have EQUAL rights to marriage and adoption like every other person in our country. Regardless of what either candidate has done over the last 4 years-whether you don’t like what Obama has/hasn’t done…those are the most IMPORTANT issues to ME. THAT is why I will vote for Obama.
Whomever you like or don't like...make sure you get out there and vote tomorrow. Even if you are like me, and live in an "always red state" still cast your vote so the numbers can be seen and heard. Don't lose your voice...get out there tomorrow and make it be heard!

I am thrilled to see the states that approved gay marriage last night.  What a beautiful time to see more equality coming to our people.

soo...its November...30 days of Thanksgiving!!  4th year running...are you doing it?  I am!!!  I will have my month of posts to get up at the end of the month.  I hope you are participating!
What is 30 days of Thanksgiving for those that do not know?
Everyday you post one thing that you are thankful for. It can be big or small. What matters is that it is important to YOU. Myself, I post it everyday on facebook, and then compile them all here in one post at the end of the month. You can do it whatever way you wish, but the purpose it to just recognize all the things we are thankful for that we don't think about. There is so much negativity in the world. Lets focus on the positive!

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