Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Time for holiday craftiness! subway art

So I found Pinterest last year and I fell in love.  It is awesome for visual people like me! I call it my booksmarks...just with pictures! (hello! preferred way to find things!!)

I have found a lot of crafty ideas on Pinterest.  I have gotten my crafty groove on recently, and I will be updating the blog with things I do.

First...subway art for Christmas and Winter.  I think I will have these all over my house because holy cow they are addicting!

I created these in powerpoint.  I downloaded a bunch of cute fonts, pulled up html color code charts and went to town with customization of words, sizes, colors! It was a lot of fun to do.  I will print them and frame them to put on shelves and the fireplace mantle.
If any of my friends would like a copy, I do have it saved as a pdf and will email it to you upon request...

I have plenty of other crafts planned for the next few weeks....I can't wait to get them all done and put up around the house!  I am really loving all the time I have home with my family to accomplish these things!


Katidids said...

How wonderful
So bright & cheerful for the dreary fall/winter weather. Pintrest is is wonderful buteven more addicting than Ravelry! LOL!

Team Thompson said...

are you still e-mailing out the pdf???? I LOVE your winter subway art. would love to display it at my house next month...hopefully here in Arizona it will feel a little more like winter. :)

Jessica said...

I am! Give me your email address and I will mail it out to you!
Thanks :)


Team Thompson said... just made my day! :) Thanks so much!!

Diana said...

I would love a copy of the PDF files! They are adorable. tenniscat109 AT yahoo DOT com. Thank you so much & happy holidays!

Jennyfer said...

I just found your subway art through Pinterest. Are you still emailing it out? If so I would love a copy. My e-mail is: