Friday, July 29, 2005

6 kids, and my first FB up the nose

foreign body that is!
I had a great start today. You know, sometimes it is just hard being motivated to do a lot in a household my size. And then to actually have the energy to act on the motivation...well, you are asking a lot there! But alas, I digress. I got up this morning and made banana bread. Good huh? I then proceeded to made my berry yogurt sauce, cooked my chicken for tonights chicken saute. I was on a roll right? So I got lunch done, washed 3 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes. I am doing good huh?? I even started to clean the upstairs.
But something had to go wrong right?
Alexis comes in saying her nose hurts-and is picking at it. I think she must have a booger, so I lookand can't find anything there. She keeps digging and crying. This goes on for about 30 minutes and she says she put something up there, but then will not tell me what.I call the doctors office, and sure enough, they say "Take her in"
So I have to clean and dress all 6 kids and we load up in the suburban to head to the doctors office. She of course falls alseep on the way.
So I am chasing Isabella around the doctors office and trying to keep her from playing on the phone while this little old man sits and laughs while he watches. I am not sure if it was laughter of pleasure from watching her, or laughter at watching my fat butt run around after her! but a few minutes later BANG!! yup, Isabella fell into the wall while running and now has a large goose egg on her forehead (which is a lovely shade of BLUE)
So we finally get back there to the procedure room (and I am thinking "we are going to find nothing there!!) and sure enough..there is a PEANUT!! ALL way up there! It was so far up there he had to really dig. He said I took her in fast enough that there should be no skin damage...but dayum that thing was big! I'd cry too! 6 kids, and I never had this happen!
So we brought home the peanut in a jar.

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Jo said...

Wow a peanut? I can't remember if Bret ever stuck anything up his nose or not. He DID stick a pencil eraser in his ear...LAST YEAR!!! That would be my now 14 year old of course. LOL.

Hopefully the other 5 keep the FB's out of their noses and give mommy a break. ;)