Thursday, July 07, 2005

More results for Noah

wow-what an appointment. he told me so much stuff my head was spinning and still is! I hope that I can type it all correctly.
Noah has neurological injury (we knew that), neurogenic irritability (hyper-irritability) and nonverbal learning disorder--all related to having a stroke at some point in this life.
We don't know if it was before he was born or after. he theorized possibly before birth as noah has a tight cord that could have kinked-causing blood flow to slow and clot and cause a stroke. that would also explain his lack of movement the day they induced me. he also mentioned Factor 5 disorder in me-possibility of me having it that would cause the stroke in noah and possibly be part of kaitlyn's brain hemorrhage 3 years ago.
With his hyper-irritability, he wants to medicate with an anti-anxiety/depression medication to see if he can get him to "work right." He said that he felt I was pretty intune with Noah and what was going on with him, and that I would be able to give them a good evaluation of him on the meds.
After I evaluate him on that, he will then see if we want to continue with meds, do further evaluations and possibly add in therapy if it is still needed.
man-I don't know if I should be relieved at having some answers, or even more confused at what it all means.
And all this is in addition to the possibility that he still has aspergers since a lot of his symptoms are the same, and he will not diagnose that until he puts him on the meds and see if he improves and doesn't look aspergers anymore.

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