Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Don't mess with this woman and her SUBURBAN!!

so we go to fireworks last night. as we are leaving there are cars that formed a T shape to leave. we were in the part trying to merge with the major line..(of course) and were sitting there for 20 minutes.
so this stupid bleach blonde broad (yes, I used the word broad!!) comes up right between us and starts to cut me off. I get pissed and start gesturing...and she pulls up really fast and cuts me off. I of course get even more pissed and slam on the horn. SHE LAUGHS!!!! Laughs!!! and will not look at me.
So I am sitting there, seriously in the mood for some road rage. I had the urge so bad to jump out of the suburban and yank her skinny ass out of her vehicle and start pounding on her!! (me-who has never been in a fight before-I swear my hormones must be out of wack!!!) After another 10 minutes of not moving, I finally look at dh (who luckily was driving) and I tell him..."BACK UP" so he backs up. I tell him "CUT... THE.... BITCH.... OFF!!!!!!"
so he pulls in front of her just a little. she tries to get around me, but we are bigger than her!! *insert evil laugh*
the line moves, we sucessfully move in front of her and cut her off!!! she was PISSED!!
then we stopped and talked to some friends (with this lady fuming behind me) and proceed to let about 10 cars go in front of us just to piss her off some more.
yes-it was a great 4th! and I laughed my ass off all the way home!!
Girls and big trucks!! gotta love it!

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Jo said...

Oh look at you all cursing and being a bad ass!! I'm so proud of ya Puddin Pop! *snort*

And that mean bitch in the Suburban was YOU? I didn't mean to laugh at you but did you have to cut me off like that? :D