Saturday, January 19, 2008

Too many appointments in 1 day = crazy brain fried mom

due to MY sheduling issues I had to keep alexis home from school yesterday to make it to harrisons GI appt. which meant that along with Noah being home (he had a psych appt) and bella, I had to head to town with 4 of them.

So good news first...Harrisons dilation is going well. she said his bum looked good...moved him up to the size 15 with hardly any difficulty.
bad news is..he had blood in his stool and some skin changes (ezcema and the all-telling red ring on his bum) and snuffling combined with the family history indicated to her that he does have the dairy protein allergy
we ordered the blood test to check for others on the off chance that it will show something at this age. she said it most likely would be negative-but she said the symptoms spoke for themself.
so I am definitely having to eliminate dairy. the blood test sucked and they had a hard time getting it...she also ordered a CBC and a chem panel along with an order to do a stool culture to check for c-difficile because his stool did not look normal.

then noah had his psych follow up. they ordered a brain MRI to check for damage from the stroke since it had not been done by his previous doctor. again, they talked about the aspergers diagnosis too, but wanted to wait and not label prematurely-which I appreciate.

the doctor and I talked more about his weight gain, and apparently it is a side effect of his medication so we are not sure what to do there.

so, 2 appts. 2 lab appts...then lunch and a rush home to get ready for a wedding=me needing a big caffeinated drink!

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