Monday, January 21, 2008

Noah had a seizure and Harrison pooped on his own!

we met with noah's doctor friday and he upped his trazadone from 25mg to 50 mg.
we didn't notice too much during the day saturday, but we were on the run a lot.
Sat night, noah took his medicine and then the kids and I watched movies in the living room where they all crashed. I was on the computer and I saw Noah get up and start stumbling towards the front door.
I called his name and he kind of turned all confused and dazed and just looked at me and then turned back and started opening the door. I called "noah NO!" and he again turned and looked at me and then started to open the door again....I ran to him sensing something wasn't right and as I got there he was starting to shake. I asked him what he was doing and he just mumbled bathroom and started to collapse...still shaking. Now, Noah is a very big boy and I could barely support him while he was shaking. I started screaming for my husband saying "I NEED HELP!" it took 3 times of me calling him to get him out then I had moved noah a bit towards the bathroom.
we got him in and he couldn't move. he was totally out. dh got him on the toilet and we put him in our bedroom to sleep. the next day *sunday* he was very disoriented and could not remember anything and had a headache. We called the on call doctor and they told us to go back down on the meds and I have to call tomorrow (I guess I was supposed to call today but I didn't hear dh tell me that)

It seriously freaked me out. I am so glad he already had a brain MRI coming up.

it was scary

the dilation was increased up to the 15mm (where it should be) and the first night he passed stool with the dilator. the second night he passed a small amount with it. tonight, he went on his own without the dilator! I was feeding him and felt it and was like "did he just poop???"
then I smelt it! and when I looked there was a big streak!

so I got all happy and kaitlyn asked to hold him while we gave him a few more minutes to see if he was done.
the next thing we knew, he pooped again! and filled his diaper! and it came out so fast that it actually squirted out and got on her pants!
she was laughing though, I think she was just as excited as we were to see him poop on his own!
first time in 6? 7 weeks???

YAY for poopy babies!!!!!!!!!!


The girl who took out gluten said...

I am so excited for Harrison!! That is great. Sorry about Noah that is scary. We grew up watching my brother have seizures and my sister Liz also had a seizure or two. It is really scary!!!! You can always call me and I'll run over to watch your kids so you can take him in to the Doctor.

Julie Jean said...

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