Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5 medications and 4 diagnosis!

and no, it wasn't the kids..or even more than one person.

It was all just for me! Did you wonder where I had been? It was truly the worst ER visit ever.

I don't think I have ever cried so much in a hospital...well, outside of my brothers car accident and my daughters brain hemorrhage when she was 5!

I started with a sinus infection a few days ago and was treating it. Yesterday I started having IMMENSE pain and pressure in my one ear that reduced me to sobbing and wanting to run my head through the wall.
Finally tell dh "I think I should go in" Duh..because you know he couldn't suggest it himself ::)

Go to the clinic and they are closed so the only other option is ER. I didn't want to go there, but I knew I could not make it until today with this pain.

I signed in, they are SWAMPED (too many people freaking about every cough and swine flue-kid you not!) I go out and send dh home telling him it will be several hours when it finally reaches 8:30 pm

so I am sitting there next to this little old lady and her "younger" daughters. the staff comes out and starts talking to her and telling her how they cannot get her husbands heart regulated and does she want him on a breathing tube and she starts sobbing and saying "he wasn't supposed to go before me" and I of course, being the tenderheart that I am and being in so much pain totally lose it and starts crying right along with her. :'(

15 min later they actually call my name and we figure I will be back there several hours (as that is how they usually run) and as I am walking towards the nurse I start to fall over! I quickly grabbed the desk and realize my balance is way off! :-X and the nurse laughs with me and gets me a wheelchair. well that must have spurred them to act quickly with me because before he was even done taking my vitals the other nurse comes back to get my history etc and she is still talking to me when the doctor comes in and starts checking me out.

he immediately asks if I have ever been diagnosed with asthma. I tell him yes, tentatively but not definitive and he says "oh yeah, you have it"

looks in my ear,raging ear infection.

my sinus infection was so bad that it had closed off most of the tubes in my head (or something to that affect ) which was causing all the pain everywhere in my head. oh yeah, and I have bronchitis too

they almost admitted me it was so bad. the respiratory therapist that came in to do my breathing treatments said if my numbers would have been 1 or 2 digits lower or if I wouldn't have started moving air better after the treatments that I would have been staying the night!

they gave me a large dose of oral steroids too to get it in my system, and I was totally flying the rest of the night! HOLY COW!

so I walked away with 5 different prescriptions, and 4 diagnosis: ear infection, sinus infection, bronchitis and asthma.

oy-and I thought I just had a bad ear.

and all I could think about was that poor woman and if she had to say goodbye to her hubby last night

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Tara said...

I hope you're feeling much better. I'm glad you went in. And I'll keep you and that other lady in my prayers. Take care!