Monday, November 24, 2008

today's update on Justin and caringbridge site

I went and saw him this morning. They did another CT scan at 3am this morning. The neurosurgeon talked to us today. He is still bleeding in his brain and does still have the swelling.

his body reflexes to some painful stimuli, but not much. they also tried to get him to open his eyes with severe pain (like he pinched him really hard in the chest) several times while demanding in a loud voice that he open his eyes. he finally on the 4th try was able to open them for half a second and then it was gone.

they are still holding off on neurosurgery though. they really want to let his brain try to figure it out on its own and not have to operate-which is risky itself.

he developed a fever last night so they are closely watching him.
he is still having trouble regulating his blood pressure which is to be expected.

He still has not regained consciousness.

I created a CaringBridge Site to try and keep better updated.

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