Friday, May 29, 2009

Flowers that Kabloom

"Mom, when will my flower kabloom???"

Every 5 minutes today...Bella asks me when her flowers will "kabloom"

I don't have the heart to tell her that she is saying it wrong. She got this plant that the little boy in the house behind us picked and gave to her. She went and got "her soil" and planted it and has been watering it all day.

"when will it kabloom???"

kabloom. LOL

then .. Hannah was out front playing with her friends and she left and went next door. Bella could not longer see her and thought that Hannah "goofed off"

"do you mean ran off bella?"

"yes, she goofed off!"

LOL-she never fails to make me laugh. She told me a few weeks ago "Mom, I know that when I go to school this year you are SOOO going to miss me" and she is right!


Tara said...

I hope it kablooms soon. M always says "picnit" and I don't have the heart to say picnic because it's so darn cute. Your babies are getting too big.

Jo said...

She is too funny and I LOVE "kabloom". Awwww