Thursday, November 26, 2009

My annual Christmas wish list for dh...

So every year now I make a list for dh of things I would like for Christmas. I help him by being exact and giving links, and then he is happy because he gets what I want..and I am happy because I get some of the things I want!

So here is a small list for him...he has been impatiently asking me to list it! LOL I didn't realize how much he looks forward to this now.
Shawn-do not go over budget! LOL

Never Not Knitting-pattern a day calendar

a robe...

a ped egg

favorite colors: brown, green (chartreuse is the best), aqua (and lighter teal)

I am not giving him much to work on huh?

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BeautifulWreck said...

It seems like a nice list. My husband and I normally do not exchange gifts but he said he wanted to buy me a few small things this year. So I need to make a list.