Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Starbucks Yarn Wreath- the start of crafting!

So last year, starbucks had these beautiful wreaths at Christmas time that were made out of ornaments and yarn balls. Yes, you read that correctly! It was a YARN BALL WREATH!

So this year, I wanted one too! I posted to my local parenting group (a great group of ladies that I hang with often!) and asked if they wanted to do a craft along. Instead, I was asked to do a show and tell at our monthly saturday get together! *gulp* so I decided I needed to make another one ahead of time so I could make a materials list and learn how to do it so I could show everyone else.

I headed off to the store and saw they had the Christmas stuff out! So I walked through the aisle and found these GORGEOUS Christmas ornaments! I had to have them - and then inspired me to make an Autumn version that I could hang now.

Wrapping the balls:


Attaching them:


the finished product!


I really love how it turned out. You can't see as well from the photo-(well you might be able to if you click on it to make it larger!) but I have some glitter balls in there too and I just love it!

Now, I had to admit my first thought was: I have to make another one? LOL


littleabittel said...

I am making a few of these for gifts as well...I found a much cheaper alternative to styrofoam balls....I bought Soft Flex Balls at Walmart - a bag of 100 for $10.00 (these are what they put in the ball pits at Chuck E Cheese)...and they work wonderfully...

ChelleC said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Great job. Maybe I'll do one for our house next year. Not this year!