Friday, July 16, 2010

asperger's sucks

most of the time I am pretty good at keeping a smile on my face. I can deal with the tantrums. The lack of understanding and the constant re-explaining of things so that his brain can process it.
I can deal with his anger and his inability to calm down. I can deal with the fighting and the strife and just the everyday "stuff"
Because that is just a part of dealing with my son who just happens to have aspergers.

But today, I am floundering. Only a few hours into the morning I am in tears and wishing for the night so that I can go to bed and not have to deal with it.

I am wishing for that one small piece of extra patience that I am needing and not finding.

I love him. And yet today, it is just too much.

Asperger's sucks.

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Serena said...

Not sure what to say, but I feel for you. Hope that caring concern from a stranger helps at least a tiny bit. Best wishes.