Monday, July 12, 2010

Meal plan monday

oh look! I made it today to post our plan for the week! Quite the ordeal it seems lately! LOL

assorted cereal, muffins, yogurts, fruits.
also doing cream of wheat berries with cranberries and cardamom in the crockpot via FRESH FROM THE VEGETARIAN SLOW COOKER

nothing new this week. we are winging it and using leftovers and fresh produce. kids favorite way to eat!


vegetable dumplings via vegan family favorites
chicken tacos in the crockpot
israeli couscous salad from fat free vegan
overnight crockpot black beans with homemade bread
massur dal with jasmine rice

assorted fruits/veggies/salads to accompany.

we had a really busy weekend! Took the kids to the renaissance faire in Meridian and had fun.

and then we went to the Lavender Festival and had a blast. We picked lavender, sampled lavender "nemon-name" (lemonade via harrison) and got to sit and just enjoy the beautiful farm while we sat in the shade.

Noah was a huge help and really did good in cutting the lavender. I was very impressed with his willingness to help.

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