Sunday, January 14, 2007

and it keeps on rolling

So, Shawn and I decided that we are going to try and get the kids into the charter school out here for next year. Conner and Kaitlyn will be going back to school next year, and Alexis will be starting kindergarten. With the current school situation, we do not feel comfortable putting the rest of our children there next last night, Shawn filled out all the applications for them and we are taking them in. It is hard to get in, so we will continue to pray that they get accepted this first year.
The school is very nice. Small and involved heavily with parents. They also follow the Harbor Method which we feel is a very good fit for our children. (the link does not take you to our childrens future school-but is a good explanation for what this method is)

Noah decreased his medications today. We could already see a difference. Lots of highs and lows with him today.

I haven't been feeling well (imagine that with all my stress!) So after we went grocery shopping, I pretty much vegged out today and kind of took it easy. It was nice to be able to rest and know that Shawn was home to help out with anything that popped up with the kids.

I got a call from my mom last night. I can't remember if I had posted that she was ill? Well, she went in for a bunch of testing last week (CT scan, gastroscopy, HIDA scan) and was due to get her results this next monday when her doctor was in. Instead, she ended up with an emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder on Thursday. Wednesday night she got very ill--called in Thursday, the on call doctor reviewed her chart and test results and got her in immediately. Her gall bladder was just rotten and there was infection everywhere. She ended up staying overnight for IV antibiotics, is home now and feeling loads better!

That's all for now!

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Tara said...

I hope she is feeling better!