Tuesday, January 09, 2007

my life-updated

wow, it has been since October! sorry guys!

if you don't see me here, I am usually posting at my Sewing and Knitting blog about current projects etc-so you will at least know I am still alive! LOL

First off...GO BSU !!!! Boise State University - considered the underdog in the sports world, ridiculed for not being good enough, sadly underestimated--beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the Tostito's Bowl!!!! see more here - now I don't normally watch football--but that game had me on the edge of my seat! I was so mad that last minute when Zabransky threw that horrible pass that was intercepted (that led to the Sooners scoring and pulling ahead in the score) but then he redeemed himself when with 7 seconds left BSU scored and tied for the OT..which led to BSU winning by 1 when they showed guts and didn't play it safe by going for the 2 point conversion.
I don't think I have jumped that high in the air since my days of cheerleading!

(oy..I go back and read that....and it is just so not right for sports talk to be coming out of my mouth...aka my fingers, so we will go on now)

OK--since October....my business has been doing good. Lots of orders - everyone seems to really like the pattern I drafted for my circular needle rolls. I have a lot of fun with it - and it is nice to bring in my own money *smile*

November was good with Thanksgiving. We stayed home and had a nice day. Shawn put up the lights and the tree, and was in a more jolly-like attitude this year. I was the scrooge though...so he had to make up for me.

December was tough. We stayed home for Christmas for Isabella's health-and it was kind of nice to be able to spend the day home. We had a nice dinner and I got to talk to all my family. My grandparents were upset that I wasn't there, and I really missed them. My mom got really sick that week and they still do not know what is wrong with her. She has gone in for a lot of tests and we are just waiting for results.

Gymnastics season is upon us, and we have meets starting for Conner and Kaitlyn. I will post pictures as we get them. Hopefully we will have a good year and Conner will keep his health this season.

and that is all-quick updates

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