Monday, July 07, 2008

Back to knitting

man, it felt so good to pick up my needles and ignore my sewing machine!
Kind of like an old friend that has come home-to my hands!

I went out to Ravelry tonight. (and for all you yarnies, if you don't know what ravelry is--lets just say it is the best invention on the internet ever! and you must go now and sign up!) anyway, out on ravelry tonight and found so many projects I want to start working on. In my queue (which if you are not a member, you can not view) I have several sweaters I want to do. I think I am going to get the yarn dyed up to make Harrison the Tulip Sweater I will of course be dying the yarns in boyish colors geared towards the fall, but it is the one I am most looking forward to doing!

I also have the Wonderful Wallaby ready to go. It is an adorable hoody for the kids! You can do an adult version too, but I just am not ready to buy that many balls of yarn! LOL

My fingers are itching to cast on a new project. I finished a custom order diaper cover soaker and now I am just waiting...waiting to hear my fingers talk and tell me which needles to chose and which project to start.

Stay tuned.

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