Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our 15 minutes of Fame....

So, a few months ago we heard of a model search for the remodel of St. Alphonsus Medical Centers "family center"
From the search:

The Center has been approved for a makeover by some grants that were given to encourage family and diversity. One of the ways the hospital can incorporate this in their overhaul is by having photographs of different children, parents and families displayed throughout the center

So I entered Harrison as they were specifically looking for a blonde hair blue eyed baby and we were chosen!

This last Monday we got to go for our photo session to be displayed around the hospital area that is being remodeled. Tonight we saw that one of the boys pictures made it to the photographers blog

Come see the boys!

I cannot wait to go and see our family photos around!

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Jessica, aka TopazGirl said...

Oh how neat! Those are great pics! :)