Thursday, July 31, 2008

You must have a strong stomach for this one

Please be aware that I am warning you - this was difficult to read.

I opened my main email page tonight and saw a story about 9 people being charged in the death of a 14 year old girl that wasted away until she died. Included in those 9 people were the state welfare workers that were supposed to be keeping track of her.
Danieal Kelly's emaciated body was found in her mother's squalid house covered with bone-deep, maggot-infested bedsores in August 2006

Andrea Kelly refused to get her daughter food, water and medical treatment, and also repeatedly prevented one of her other children from calling an ambulance "for his obviously dying sister"

So this led me on a journey to read more about her, because as a mother it horrified me to read what had happened to her and how it had been allowed to happen to her.

It brought me to this website that tracks deaths related to state facilites, foster care etc. I made the mistake of reading every single one of them. It made me ill.

Some of the causes of death :
  • Students say staff sat on Isaiah for three hours until he passed out and died.
  • A review of Kyle's death by Alberta's Justice Department says the guards pushed the boy, whose legs were in shackles and who was handcuffed, against the elevator door, the door opened, and Kyle fell to his death. Police investigated his death, but no charges were laid
  • (3 year old boy) He was wrapped in a blanket then taped to a high chair and left alone for two days while his foster family went out of town. When they returned, he was dead. They burned his body.
  • Restrained in a straitjacket and held facedown on a bed, vomited, and choked to death while two staff continued to hold him down
  • Death resulting from rebirthing
  • Died after allegedly being forced to exercise at the facility after they were told he had an enlarged heart and should not participate in such activities
  • Autistic and mentally retarded boy was restrained by 6 people who sat on his back. This occurred on his second day at the group home.

Most of these cases - no one was punished. I don't understand a society where we still punish the victims more than we punish the perpetrators.

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La Coguette said...

This reminds me of the atrocities being committed against innocent Americans at Guantanamo (according to a recent news article, over 250 of them are not guilty!!) Its the same sad story -- underreported by media, ignored by government, nobody held accountable and prosecuted.

Its blogs like yours that help let people know about these occurrences. Thanks :-)