Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Still on the vegan/vegetarian trail....

so-it has been 2 weeks since Kaitlyn made her decision, and she hasn't touched meat once. We have offered it to her and assured her that it is ok for her to change her mind, but she is adament.
Good thing we are not big meat eaters anyway. I have been able to make some delicious meals for the family following the vegan lunch box cookbook. Plus we have eaten more Indian food and that has been really good as well.
Last night, we treated the kids to McDonalds. Shawn offered to Kaitlyn a few of his chicken nuggets.
She looked at him for a moment and said in a horrified voice "you are eating a chick!!!"

Guess that was a NO


Tara said...

That is too cute!

You're such a great mama for helping her to live the way she wants to.

Jessica said...

Thanks Tara! I want to support her and if that means making a few changes for the family-thats ok. It isn't that hard-not like I thought it might be!

Peter & Myla said...

Hey Jessica,

I am proud of her for making such a big decision. I have only one concern.., alot of times people who abstain from meat products do not get enough Vit. B12 in their diets. Just make sure if you eat breakfast cereal to get one that is B12 fortified. Without the vitamin people often develop anemias.


Jessica said...

Hey Peter! Yes, we are so proud of her too!
I am watching her diet closely and she is still eating cheese and yogurt. The eggs-well, I have to get cage free eggs for her but that is ok-we get them locally from a mom on the gymnastics team and she is ok with that.
Thank you for your concern! I will let her know that you are proud of her. That will mean a lot to her.