Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Got the results

Apparently, I do indeed have gallstones. How many or how big, I have no idea because I forgot to ask. The pain that ended me up in the ER was an attack, and I had pain constantly for a week after that-just not as severe.
I have kind of expected this. I have been having intestinal issues for 1 1/2 years and with my family history-I kind of suspected. It is nice to have an answer now-but it really sucks for finding things to eat.
Most things I eat sends me into pain or into the bathroom. It is pretty miserable. For now, Dr. Lowder wants to try and keep me good with diet so that we do not have to do surgery while I am pregnant. I can understand that - but man this sucks big time.
Yes, I know pregnancy increases chances of gallstones. Yes, I know about flushes. Yes I know everyone and their dog "knows someone else that has gone through this and they were just fine." I get that. I don't have to be reminded everytime I talk about it! LOL

So this means for me, not risking going to far from home until the pregnancy is over. I have a hyperirritable uterus and with the pain comes contractions. I cannot risk being too far from home, the ER and my OB if a bad attack were to send me into preterm labor.
It also means that I am going to have to go almost totally vegan/raw. Just about everything I eat right now is a trigger....but hey, gives me something new to concentrate on right?

I see OB again tomorrow. We will find out when the u/s will be. Plus we will talk more about this crap that is going on.

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