Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First pair of longies knitted

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These were knit from hand dyed malabrigo. size small. combo of the curly purly waist and LTK pattern along with a bit of stacy thrown in. I like the malabrigo for a small baby because it is so soft, and I don't have to worry about pilling as much because they dont' move as much! LOL
ok, so I learned what NOT to do while pregnant and exhausted.KNIT
I must wait until I am more awake before I continue on with what is on my needles. why?? well, because somehow, you can make mistakes. and I could not tell you how I did wasn't that I just didn't move it from one side to the other. I actually KNIT IT into the pattern! Seriously, just could not figure it out! yes, that is my ROW COUNTER!!!!

we now call it longie baby bling! LOL

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