Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not much to report today

I am still waiting on the results from my abdominal u/s from yesterday....resulting from a trip to the ER this weekend. My gallbladder, pancreas, aorta etc...all were checked yesterday. The pain I had this weekend was excrutiating...I'd almost say worse than a contraction! So now we sit and wait. It was a big mess in the ER and I won't even start with writing it all down here, suffice it to say-I wouldn't trust going in there again.

Good news is, I have been feeling the baby move. The ER could not find FHT's on the baby Sunday night so my OB had me come in for a quick check Monday morning. Not only is my fundal height higher than it should be for how far along I am (and we are SURE on dates) but I have an anterior placenta again. Heart looked good on baby and was beating fast. When he was looking for it, he got to one spot and as we heard the baby move on the doppler I felt it all those little movements really were the baby! At only 14 weeks! :) I think the u/s that day was the first time I have actually cried during a scan...I was just so relieved to see the baby was ok. it is a waiting game to see how long it takes the radiologist to get her report to my OB. I hope it soon.

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