Tuesday, November 04, 2008

8 years old

I cannot believe she is already 8! We moved to Boise from Twin Falls when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Hannah.

She turned 8 this last week and was baptized over the weekend.

here she is:

So this week has been a lot of contemplation on my part. I am so very grateful that I have the chance to stay home with my children. To see them as they grow and learn and to be a big part of their life. Being a mother is the most important job I could ever have. I am grateful that we live within our means and do not have bills that would force me to get a job and put them in someone else's care. I am grateful to have the support of my husband in all that I do...staying home, running my very part time business and attending school too. I am grateful for the wonderful children I have that are such good kids-especially on the inside where it counts! They are respectful and helpful and a joy to have around. I am grateful for the gospel that teaches me about my role as a mother and how important it is.
I guess this week, I am just grateful for family. for being a mother. for my kids.


Tara said...

She looks so pretty! And what a great post - wonderful to hear your thoughts on motherhood. I'm happy for you!

Alice said...

Wow, how sweet to have a little 8 year old that has been baptized! My oldest will be 7 this week. What a sweet daughter!