Sunday, November 23, 2008

For those following-update on my brother

ok, this is what I know.

he was found this morning at about 7:15 am. His car rolled several times and he was ejected from it. They estimate he lay on the ground for at least 2 hours before he was found. His body was about 30 feet from his car when they found him.

He has not regained consciousness since the accident. They could not life flight him to boise because of the weather so they drove him. He had bleeding in his brain and swelling-but the last CT showed the bleeding was stopped for now.

he had surgery on his leg. He broke his femur and they had to put a rod in. They are very concerned about the risk of clots and an embolism right now. He is intubated and restrained and has a neck collar on.

His body responds to painful stimuli, but he will not respond to verbal commands. He is in the ICU in critical condition.

Girls, I am just so scared. But I am so glad that I could be there. My parents do not understand any of the medical stuff so they kept turning to me when the doctors and nurses came out to talk to them.

I am just washed out. I am exhausted.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. He sure needs them :(


Elizabeth said...

Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers.

When I was in ICU I didn't respond to pain at all, so that is a good sign.

Jessica said...

thanks elizabeth.
I guess we were mistold a little on the pain. he had some reflexes to touch but when the doctor tried to get him to respond to lots of pain he did nothing repeatedly. I will update more.
Miss you!