Wednesday, November 26, 2008

update on my brother

he is starting to open his eyes and become more conscious!

back to that in a minute though-this is what my mom told me.

he is starting to thrash around a lot-the nurses say that is very good but of course it bothers my mom to watch. they had to restrain him big time today because of his thrashing and he kept trying to pull out all the tubes on his chest.

they had his last CT scan yesterday. there is no negative change. they said something about he had reached the 72 hour point and was maxed out and they felt this was a good thing. I don't understand it and they didn't really explain it to my mom-but that is the update on that.

He did OPEN HIS EYES and followed the nurse with his eyes!

they tried giving him a few commands early this morning and he could not follow-but just a little bit ago they tried again to get him to wiggle his toes. he DID IT! in fact, he kept wiggling and kept wiggling until my dad finally had to say "justin, you can stop wiggling now!"

Today when he was thrashing about, my dad asked him a yes/no question and HE NODDED!

huge huge improvement today! and if he continues this, they are releasing him from the ICU this afternoon and moving him to neurology!

thank you thank you thank you ladies for your prayers and positive energy! I truly believe it has helped him!


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Never That Easy said...

That is so wonderful: I'm glad your family has such good news.