Friday, November 28, 2008

Shawn will be glad to see this

Last year, he loved that I did a Christmas list out here...I actually was just doing it for fun to share things I liked, but he printed it off and went shopping. So here we go again-the best help a husband can get at Christmas time!

Knitpicks Imagination Sock Yarn - color Lost Boys...2 balls needed
or (not and...OR)
Knitpicks Felici Striped Sock Yarn - color Patina...2 balls needed

or any of these colors from this dyer:
Mystic Meadow, Minoan Temple, Westley (only need 1 of these)

or Nimbus from this one

Dashing Dach's in Lobster

an applesaucer for canning next year. (but that can even go on my to buy next year list!)

a puffy vest

some addi needles in sizes: 3.25mm/40cm and 5mm/30cm

still working on it-but he was starting to panic so I figured I better give him something!

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