Monday, March 02, 2009

High fructose corn syrup-yup I am going there

Watch a video here

So I am sure we have all seen the videos--high fructose corn syrup isn't bad--its just ... well.. corn! right?

yeah-and a little mercury added in for what? flavor?

an article released in January caused quite an uproar and many denials of the ingredients carrying mercury. ok, so say that is still isn't JUST CORN.

Do you really know what high fructose corn syrup is?

My friend gave the best explanation for everyone: HFCS is corn syrup that's been processed to force some of the sugars to change to fructose. And fructose is worse than the other sugars in terms of telling our brains we've had enough to eat.
It is artificial. not natural. its not JUST CORN!

One thing I love about the commercials is it really touts "its fine in moderation" but have you looked at your labels? HCFS is in a HUGE amount of foods. that makes it hard to be "in moderation"

Just one more reason to eat a whole foods type of diet

oh-and huge kudos to Pepsi for this

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