Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekly meal plan

in case you are wondering why....I have to admit that I do tend to lose my paper that has my meal plan written on it. GASP! How could that be? With 7 kids, a home business, school and just life-how in the world?

let me tell you--it is actually quite easy!
So here I am going to write it out so if--strike that...WHEN I lose the paper this week, I will still be able to find it out here-because nothing bugs me more than having food that I can't remember why I bought it or what I am supposed to make out of it.
There, a deep dark secret from me.
i put it on facebook, but then became paranoid that somehow the server would crash and i would lose it there here we go!

And now-onto the food-just through thursday
*brown rice cereal with golden raisins and vanilla soy milk
*whole grain toast and eggs with homemade yogurt
*oatmeal and juice
*muffins and homemade yogurt

*Aloo samosas
*homemade chicken and corn soup with homemade bread
*baked potatoes with chili
*tuna salad sandwich with fruit and pretzels

*massur dal and carrots over jasmine rice
*Grilled salmon with veggies and rice
*spicy jasmine rice with cashews and carrots
*veggie fried rice

*pretzels with ranch
*celery with peanut butter
*peanut butter bars

whew-now I can't lose it. my meal plan that is!

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