Saturday, March 28, 2009

school breaks suck---for the kids!

My poor kids! First on Christmas break they all had the stomach bug. Everyone puked and Christmas day could have easily been spent lazing on the couch as everyone had NO energy!
Now, spring break is ending and they are still sick with this horrible cold! Conner started it before break even began - and now they are going back on Monday but everyone is still ill. I had to take Harrison in yesterday and we are taking Bella and Lexi in today. :(
I will say that all the sickies has made for a very quiet house for spring break! But then, I am not one of those mom's that is saying "I can't wait for them to go back to school!" which is probably why I loved homeschooling so much and miss it. (besides the superior education they were getting! LOL)

Today has been quiet. I started off this morning by scoring Jonas Brother's concert tickets for me and the 2 oldest girls. I am taking them in June for Kaitlyn's birthday. They are going to be so surprised!

I knit Bella a shirt this week...she loves it! She chose the yarn and everything out of my stash.
My gauge was off a bit so it did turn a bit tighter than planned-but she loves it and it is so pretty on her.

Speaking of stash....have I showed pictures of my stash lately? Keep in mind that even now, there is more yarn that is not pictured! LOL

and what Harrison can do with a few moments alone:

**disclaimer** no yarn was harmed in the process of this play time**



fashion sunglasses said...

It's really nice! And the girl is very pretty!

kraftykash said...

Im trying to convince my hubby that I need a shelf like your yarn shelf....he is not falling for it. Darn! Did you get my swap gift to you??? Im sorry to hear that the kiddos have been sick. Take Care of you!