Saturday, March 21, 2009

So what does a sunny day

$26 and the promise of watching back episodes of Criminal Minds equal out to?


Today we decided that with the weather being so nice and the kids being on spring break that we were going to do some spring cleaning!

With the promise of watching Criminal Minds, the kids were very cooperative! Well, except for Noah who slept most of the day as soon as we got home from scouts as he is running a fever and feeling quite ill.

However, that didn't keep him from pack meeting...he earned his Webelos today and got his recognition for getting the highest score on uniform inspection! 99 out of 100 points! He only missed 1 point because his shoes were dirty.

We also took a trip to the library to pick up a book I had on hold. There are several others that come with it, but this was the only one there today-specifically for the kids.

I recently heard of it and remembered reading quite a bit about it a while back-I like that it really falls in line with the Word of Wisdom which is our law of health in the church. In it we are told concerning food:
The Lord also declared in the Word of Wisdom that the following foods are good:

* Vegetables and fruits, which should be used "with prudence and thanksgiving" (see D&C 89:10–11).

* The flesh "of beasts and of the fowls of the air," which is "to be used sparingly" (see D&C 89:12–13).

* Grains such as wheat, rice, and oats, which are "the staff of life" (see D&C 89:14–17).

I have only read a bit of the book so far - but I am very impressed with it. The research is their to back it up to. We already eat less meat than most families as we really do feel that we are told to eat it SPARINGLY. So this is going to be good for us. Whole foods, little meat. healthy living. I can do that.

Today is also a crafty day for me. I had most of my swap package done up and then realized that part was missing-probably taken by one of the kids and so I had to improvise and quickly replace it as it was nowhere to be found. Stay tuned for pictures of that later.

Hope you are all enjoying your saturday!

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