Wednesday, March 04, 2009

very productive day

this week has been wonderful. I have had a lot of time to actually do stuff I want to do around the house.

I thought about just doing my day in pictures, but you know that I am too wordy to let it go by without saying something! LOL

Today, I made yogurt. If you have not made your own yogurt, you are missing out! It is very good and is so nice to have in the refrigerator to throw in a smoothie and you can even use it in pancakes!

Last month, I talked about my "new plates" that I found while out thrifting, a favorite past time of mine! LOL This is the second set of plates that I have found....I have a complete set of each now for my large family!

I also have yarn soaking to dye up tonight for my store

I also broke out my brand new serger today and did this shirt to finish up a gift for expectant friends. could these longies be any smaller?

and of course, with the opening of the serger box came the brand new toy for Harrison!

and a few random pictures:

cloth diapers: organized

My beautiful girl

and last, I got 3 new cookbooks this week and have started reading them looking for yummy new stuff to serve to the family!



THE VEGAN LUNCH BOX (NEW VERSION) - I have the first edition too!

I bought some fabric, and did NOT buy any yarn!!

so that was my day, today. *smile*


Anastasia said...

Wow what a busy and fun day! And yet you still took time to laugh at me on FB. Awww, warm fuzzies. Did you flavor your yogurt at all? Is it whole or low fat? I usually make whole milk yogurt. I still haven't figured out how to flavor it. I am hoping my half doz. library books I recently got will give me a clue about it lol

Jessica said...

I do non fat..we only use non fat milk in the house. of course, we don't drink milk either! LOL
I flavor mine as I use it...I like to use fruits to sweeten mine. I am trying to retrain our family palette to take less sweet foods so this is perfect.

Trisha said...

Those are the same dishes my mom had when I was growing up.

Jessica said...

trisha, that is awesome! those are my favorite plates :)