Monday, July 20, 2009

A meaningful gift I’ve given or received

So I found another one of those good topics to talk about while reading those prompting sites. I want to thank my friends that left comments or told me in person how much they enjoyed my last topic. I think it was a great way to let you get to know me a little better.

so on to the topic:

A meaningful gift I’ve given or received:

There are two incidents that immediately come to mind. The first (the one I will share today) was when I was still working in southern Idaho. I worked for the hospital down there and it was Christmas time. In previous years, my department had always chosen to do something special, so this year we were adopting a family at work that was having a hard time. The family was a single mother with 3 children. Our Christmas "bonus" that year was a gift certificate to Fred Meyer and a turkey. We all decided to donate our gift certificates to this family and we collected cash as well. By the time it was all said and done, the collection was up to about $300. I don't know why, but I was chosen to do the shopping for this family.
I spent so much time going to the stores and selecting items for them. When I was done and brought the gifts into work, my bosses and co-workers were amazed at the amount of items I was able to find for them. Being a thrifty shopper pays off! and I was able to get everything on their wish list, plus MORE!
I was elected to take it home and wrap all the gifts-which if you know me is my favorite thing to do! and as I sat there wrapping their gifts, listening to the music in front of my tree, I was so full of joy. Knowing that I had a hand in making this Christmas special for someone else. Knowing that we could have just donated our turkey and gift certificates and done nothing else-but we all chose to do MORE and donate money too! I was so proud of what we had done-and I will always wonder what their faces were like Christmas morning when they got to see their gifts. That experience touched my heart so much. It blessed MY life.

Since then we have adopted families to help out many years. the kids enjoy this so much. In the years when the money was too tight, we have gone through our house and gathered toys and books that the kids do not need or use and have taken them down to the thrift stores. They know that by doing so, some family that does not have a lot of money will be able to purchase an item there for their kids.
I think this is the tradition they enjoy the most. And I am so proud of them for loving to give to others!

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jmae3 said...

Great post Jessica! And I love that you posted in during a 'non-giving' season...ya most people only think about this during the holidays-so it's a nice reminder to always be looking for those we can help around us!