Wednesday, July 01, 2009

sometimes you have great ideas...

and sometimes not so great! LOL

sometimes I really surprise myself that I still get surprised by others behavior. I see just meanness or obnoxiousness or hurtfulness all the time, IRL and online and yet I still get surprised each time it happens. It could be a news story or a message board, in the grocery store or in church or school, or in just day to day chatter . Family, friends, strangers-it isn't exclusionary. Like walking through the store and having someone comment in a rude way about the number of kids we have. Or commenting on the parenting choices that we as a couple make like it is any of their business. etc etc..or like this week, seeing a blog that took submissions from people on facebook that copied peoples status that had to do with their kids, and then mocking it on the blog.
Why do people think it is ok to just open their mouth all the time?

I think I still just want to see only the good in people. Is there a way to cure that? LOL because really I am tired of caring.

I saw it again just this week on several occasions. the girl in church that looks down on the others because they cry during a testimony. the one that laughs at the way others are dressed. the woman with the blog made specifically to mock others parenting moments...and more.

I feel so sad that so many people are so full of hate or anger towards others that they have to put them down or hurt them to feel better about themselves.

so can I have a magic cookie? you know, the one with the special chocolate chips in them that take aware you caring button?? because I'd like mind removed please.


Elizabeth said...

We need to have that love an compassion, with out it imagine how horrible the world would be.

BeautifulWreck said...

You don't need to have your give a damn broken, because those of us who care need to be a shining light in this messed up world. Keep shining. Chin up. :)