Monday, July 27, 2009

I feel like I can breathe again.

school for the summer is over. I turned in my last paper and took my last test on Wednesday. I also shipped out all of the yarn I dyed for the co-op and when that was all done-I just sat down and had the biggest feeling of relief overcome me.

here is my yarn; 25 lbs worth!

for some reason, it shows blurry. I hope it doesn't for you too!

I also was inspired with the upcoming fall season-my favorite time of year for those that do not know me! LOL and here are a few new colors

shawn is now home from scout camp. I think he had a lot of fun. Him and Conner both came home tired and sunburned. Conner is peeling like mad! He got burned really bad and is peeling several layers in some places. Of course, I wasn't too thrilled about that-but they were constantly appying sunscreen. I told him that next time he should wear a tshirt. oh duh mom, didn't think about that! LOL

I am currently working on a really cute sweater for Harrison..and I plan on making him a Mrs. Weasley sweater too just in time for Halloween!

Other than that, not doing much around here except enjoying the time with the kids and hoping my school break goes by S~L~O~W!!!!

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