Friday, July 17, 2009

What makes me happy

so dh has started getting ideas for his blog from journal gives him a bunch of ideas to chose from and then he writes. This is one I found today that I thought was a good idea.

What makes me happy?

There are so many things that can bring a smile to my face other than the obvious answer of family.

My friends. I love having good friends. Friends that you can go to about anything. Friends that you can laugh with and cry with and share your high points and low points. Friends that you learn from. Friends that no matter how much time has passed between the last time you talked, you can still pick up and share where you left off at. Friends that do nothing but bring brightness in your life and will not do anything to purposely bring you down. Good friends are the best thing to have.

Knitting. I only learned to knit a few years ago, but I love it. It brings me happiness to take a ball of yarn and create some amazing object that I could not get in the store. I love the colors and the textures and the relaxation it brings to me. I like that it is a forgiving hobby and if you screw up you can usually fix it! LOL I especially love being able to do the whole process of putting the dye on the yarn and then making it into something for a friend. My yarn collection is big-and it makes me happy-and gives me a lot to work towards for project making! LOL

My crunchiness. Yes, my way of living makes me happy! It actually brings me joy to get my natural remedies and use them instead of using artificial methods. to use something "crunchy" instead of main stream. I am sure that it sounds funny to like a way of living, but I do!
I like knowing that the choices dh and I have made for our kids ie: family bed, NO circumcision, vaccines, extended nursing, homeschooling are the best choices out there for us.

Eating vegetarian. Again, a lifestyle choice that makes me happy. I love to see all the different dishes I can make out of varieties of vegetables. I feel healthiest when we do not eat meat, and I love having kids that will eat any bean or veggie I put in front of them without being picky!

Books. I love to read. I am a very fast reader and can finish a book in 1 day. I love a well written story. I really have enjoyed the medical mysteries and serial killer books that I have read over the last few years as it challenges my mind. I often irritate my dh though as I tend to laugh out loud while reading or make some comment back to the characters. I try not to do this so I don't look crazy! LOL

Fall. It is my favorite season. So much so that my guest bathroom is actually decorated with a fall theme. I love the colors. The temperature. I love the leaves falling from the trees and I LOVE to walk through big piles of them on the ground. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that fall is almost here. I wish I could live somewhere that was fall all year round!

rain and thunderstorms. I love to watch the rain fall. I could sit in my window with a book or knitting and blanket and just listen to the rain drops. I love a good storm too. Shawn says they had some awesome ones in Paraguay when he was there. That would be so awesome - some of my favorite memories in highschool was taking off late at night with my aunt and cousins to go sit out in the middle of nowhere to watch the lightening storms!

simplifying. I am currently working on simplifying my life. Getting rid of garbage in my life both physically and metaphorically. Letting go of stuff I don't need and stuff that does not enrich or help my life at all. Getting rid of clutter and living simply. I gave my friend heidi a book a few weeks ago that was an amish cookbook - but it also showed a lot of the ways they live. It was very inspiring!!

my education. Having the chance to go back to school and finish my education makes me very happy. I love to learn. I love the challenge it brings to my mind! I am so very happy to be able to do this now-it is a huge part of who I am.

so - those are the things I can think of right now that make me happy! What makes YOU happy?


Jo said...

I REALLY like this post hun. :)

Also remember you have a Queen of Awesome award. ;)


TopazGirl said...

This is a really inspiring post, Jess. I loved reading it, and you've got me thinking on my own now as well. =)